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Coping Skills For Single Mom's Ep. 2 Preview...

Sometimes I wake up hours before my kids, not because I want to but because I’m constantly

worried. Sometimes making ends meet as a single mom can cause sleepless nights, leave you in a bind, making one feel like their back is against the wall, there is not enough time in a day, and money is just simply not coming fast enough. That would cause any mother that’s doing it alone to worry or even feel a bit mentally unstable. All these factors play into our mental health as mothers and how we pour into our children. Think about it, when you’re not in your right mind are you still kind to your child(ren) or do you allow your frustrations to shine through and affect them?

This is a topic that is long overdue, something many mothers are afraid to talk about or admit to. But we are not here to bash anyone or make any mother feel less than, the goal is to address and figure out what we can do as a community to help cope with many of the frustrations that motherhood can throw at us. Momma you are deserving of this, and your child(ren) deserve a healthy happy mom

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