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On Mother's Day...

Updated: Jun 26

Today, I acknowledge all Mother’s,

The Mother’s that are behind bars,

The Mother’s who are lost in the turmoil of this world,

The Mother’s that are no longer here with their babies and love ones.

The Mother’s who are here and feel like they aren’t good enough,

The Mother’s that wake up every single day and make a way.

The Mother’s that cry in the dark and smile in the light.

The Mother’s that never give up or give in,

So many doing it alone,

Our men gone to the system or the grave,

So many forced to be single due to loss,

Many married and still carrying all the weight,

I see you Mommy,

You don’t go unnoticed,

How could you,

Without you, their worlds would be flipped upside down,

Without you, nothing will ever be the same,

I know you’re tired,

But your purpose is so big,

Your legacy looks for you,

Looking at you in admiration,

God has blessed you,

So, even on your worse days…

push through,

They are looking right at you.

The Matriarch,

The Mastermind,

You truly are, one of a kind.

This is for the mother that has lost a child,

You deserve some extra love today,

And, to that woman without her Mother,

You are everything she prayed for.

Hug a Mother on Mother’s Day,

I’m sure she could use it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mommies out there!

By, T. Rose

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