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The Baby Momma Blog Ep. 1 Preview

Updated: Jun 29

As we all know the term “baby momma” or “baby mama” is a term strictly used in underserved or black communities. So, why is it a term of Honor? Because black mother’s not only take motherhood and blossom at it but many times we take on fatherhood duties as well. I can personally vouch for myself as a strong black baby momma of 5 beautiful children. I’ve been married twice, hence the 5 kids…

I tried to do things the “right way”, but I must admit I’ve never been good at relationships although I am the BIGGEST lover girl. I never understood boundaries or my worth to be honest. I always went for guys that “gave me love” well my fucked-up definition or idea of love at those times in my life. I fought so hard for that last “one” that I almost didn’t make it out alive. So, although I didn’t want to be single initially, I’m grateful now. I’m mentally healthier and 100 percent available to my children in ways I could never be while in a toxic environment. Now, I never said it was easy or going to be but that’s why I’m here. I’m here for all the hardships, laughs, cries, milestones, trials/ tribulations, advice, support, heartbreak, love, and so much more that “we” as baby mommas face every single day. I pray over all the baby mommas and their babies out there that feel alone, are alone, or truly doing it alone. I see you and I love you. Just please know you are not alone! Share this journey with me and so many other beautiful baby mommas like us. Let’s do this motherhood thang together! We are the strongest mothers on this planet because we make a way out of no way! Let’s take the power back of the word, “baby momma” because it’s an Honor! God bless.

Are you a baby momma?

Or as Gloss Up would say, “RichBabyMama!”

This blog community is for us "baby mommas," let's support each other... xoxoxo! #youarenotalone


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